Master Key – Master Mind Alliance – Week 17 -5 minutes to the life of your dreams

Five minutes from the life of your dreams?  Sounds incredible, right?  I’d be willing to bet that if I approached anyone and told them that they could have the life of their dreams for a simple five minutes of their time, my guess is that I’d have a 100% response rate with the answer being an enthusiastic YES!.  Is it truly possible to achieve the life of your dreams in only 5 minutes?  I absolutely know that it can be done, it’s happening to people all over the world, day in and day out.  People are attaining their true destinies and living the lives of their dreams.  The question is…why isn’t everyone?

It seems that everyone is so caught up with their immediate needs, that they forget that life is a marathon and not a sprint.  How many times have you personally said, “as soon as I get caught up with… – then I’ll have plenty of time to do…?  It happens to everyone and one thing after another takes a majority of our time, energy and focus away from what is the most important thing we seek…our true destiny.

How could something so incredible and truly life changing be put on the back burner and let out in the cold, waiting for us to have enough time to actually focus on it?  A few things immediately come to mind.  The first is that most people truly don’t believe that they deserve or should have the lives of their dreams.  They get caught up in the churn of daily existence and they feel that joy, happiness, prosperity and abundance are strictly for “other people”.  It’s a sad outlook on life and one that is unfortunately predominate in today’s culture.

A second reason that people don’t live the life of their dreams is that they want something more in life but aren’t willing to do the heavy lifting involved in getting what they want.  While its true that the Universe will grant you everything you want in life, its also true that you must take action and make things happen for yourself.

So, knowing that some people don’t believe that the life of their dreams is possible and others want a great life but don’t have the time for it, how can five minutes turn things around for both groups?  It’s easy.  Anyone who falls into the above groups can greatly impact their lives by focusing on the positives and reducing or completely eliminating the negatives.  In life, you get what you give.  Whether it’s love, happiness, joy, health, abundance, prosperity or freedom, the only way to truly achieve all that life can offer is to give more, knowing that you will get more.

If you know someone who is really down or feeling negative, have them try this five minute experiment.  For one week have them focus on spending simply five minutes a day on what it is that they want out of life.  Let them know that their is no dream too big or no want to extravagant for the Universe and all it has to offer.  Tell them to really stretch themselves in what it is that they really want.

Once they have a good idea in their head, have them do this simple exercise.  Spend five minutes a day finding that trait in someone else.  It could be anyone, husband, wife, friend, family member or complete stranger.  It doesn’t matter who it is, jus that them focus for five minutes daily on finding that trait in someone else.  Doing this will help them in several ways.  First, many may not see the true beauty or talent in themselves and seeing it in someone else can make things easier.  Second, by focusing on finding this magic or beauty in someone else, people start searching for positive, wonderful outcomes, instead of focusing on the negative.

Try this for a week, then in the second week, pick another trait and focus on that, along with the first trait you focused on.  In no time at all, you’ll notice that spending five minutes a day is gradually transforming your life and the outcomes you’re looking for.  These positive feelings and beliefs will quickly and permanently change your outlook and destiny forever.

Just remember, the next time you’re stuck in traffic, waiting in line, or simply have five minutes to spare – don’t dwell on the negative.  Start focusing on finding all the incredible abundance that the Universe has to offer and I guarantee you that the five minutes you spend will be the most valuable time of your life.  May the Universe deliver the life of your dreams!



Master Key – Master Mind Alliance – Week 16 – Give more to get more

This week I wanted to provide some feedback on something that I picked up from the reading of Emerson’s “Law of Compensation”.  It is a good read and I must admit a somewhat difficult one at first.  It has taken me quite a few attempts to really read and understand this law but if I had to recite the law in a quick sentence it would simply be, “you get what you give”.  Give love, get love, give joy, get joy.  Not only that, but the more you give, the more you get.

This has been a difficult concept for me at times but I am noticing how it is working and affecting my life each and every day.  We all know that we control our conscious minds and that our conscious mind will directly imprint ideas in our subconscious.  This is a law and it works the same and produces the same results day after day, with unfailing accuracy.  Do me a favor and re-read the last two sentences.  Our  conscious controls our subconscious and we become what we predominately hold in our thoughts.

Taking Emerson’s law and the certainty that we are and will become what we predominately think about can have both an incredibly powerful and scary impact on our lives.  Sometimes, no matter how diligent we are in our efforts to be positive and focus on the future we can all get derailed and lose track and focus of our long term vision.  Bills, taxes, job worries, issues with spouses and family matters all take their toll on us.  Usually, these issues are fleeting and only momentary but when they surface, they tend to become white hot.  The intensity of these feelings can easily override and de-rail even the best laid plans or thoughts of how we want our day, week of life to go.

Think about this, its been a long week and there are the normal issues with bills and our jobs that affect so many of us.  Then you come home and there’s tension in your home.  Not anything of significance, just normal daily tensions that always arise in any family.  If you fall suspect to your feelings and lose sight of your long term vision and future, all this seemingly “normal” stress can start to take it’s toll.  Once you lose focus on the future, all can seem bleak and you can easily get caught up in the microcosm of your daily routine.  You focus on all the negative, instead of all the positive.   Guess what?  Emerson’s law and your conscious mind will deliver exactly what you would expect them to deliver.

Tension leads to more tension.  All the little annoyances mount and as your focus shifts inward stress increases, anger grows and desperation creeps in.  Everyone has at one time or another had this happen in their lives.  Usually, when things like this happen we either blow up, run away of search for some outlet to help us get out of the situation in which we find ourselves.  Then, after some time, we realize that things weren’t half as bad as we thought and eventually our cooler heads will prevail.

So, how can knowing this help us more forward with our goals, dreams and fulfilling our destiny?  Simple.  The law is the law and it will work and deliver results consistently 100% of the time.  Since we know this, it is incumbent upon us to focus on controlling the thoughts that our conscious mind passes on to our subconscious.  While it’s not always easy to control our conscious minds, especially in times of tension, there are actions we can take to minimize or completely reduce our getting caught up in the downward spiral of negative thoughts and despair.

How do we accomplish this skill?  By building a bank account of positive feelings and outcomes in our daily lives.  If we understand and apply Emerson’s law, we can turn the tables and stack the deck in our favor and get results that we could have only dreamed of in the past.  The first action we can take is to be grateful.  Thoughts of gratitude lead to greater gratitude, so let’s make a concentrated effort to consciously be grateful for all the big and little things in our lives.  This isn’t something that we should think about once a day and forget but its something that should be constantly on the top of our mind.  In traffic, late for an appointment, not feeling well or just having a bad day?  Think of the beauty around you.  Be grateful that you have the conscious ability to control your thoughts.  Thank goodness that you are on a journey and you’re in the drivers seat and not relying on chance to dictate your future.  Look at nature, take a deep breath, smile, there is literally an endless number of things that you and I can and should be grateful for in each and every moment of every single day.

A second exercise is to do random acts of kindness and give joy to everyone you meet.  Joy and kindness equal greater joy and kindness.  Give more to get more.  Open doors for others, smile and say hello to a stranger, let someone know that they are special.  There are so many incredible opportunities in our lives to give joy and be kind.  Each opportunity to give joy and kindness is an opportunity to improve and create a better life for yourself.  Being kind and providing joy to others will escalate you to the next level and it will truly be rewarding beyond your imagination.

As the year starts to move forward and tensions and deadlines mount, please remember a few very critical facts.  You control your thoughts and become the sum total of what you predominately think about and you need to give more to get more.  Focus on gratitude and random acts of kindness and I guarantee that your 2o16 will be your best year ever!


Master Key – Master Mind Alliance – Week 15 – Create…don’t compete!

There’s been a common theme during the past 15 weekend it’s really become apparent over the past few days.  Since January 1st, people everywhere are competing for new hopes, dreams and goals for 2016.  Having goals, hopes and dreams is a good thing, however, competing for them isn’t.

Think about it for a moment.  How many times have you ever been in a circle of friends or coworkers and someone mentions going on a diet or planning on a home improvement or taking that dream vacation.  While everyone is gathered together, everything seems fine but as soon as the group breaks up, theres all sorts of chatter and background noise about why the diet or vacation won’t work, or why you don’t have what it takes to see things through.  Another example, a new job or business venture.  Chances are that we’ve all thought about starting our own business or venturing off on our own to reach for that brass ring and boom…what happens?  The people we love and respect the most become our biggest detractors and eternal fountains or fear, uncertainty and doubt.  They take the perspective that they’re looking out for us and our best interests and don’t want us to get hurt, but is that really the case?  I don’t think so.

It’s a well known fact that change is very hard and difficult for many people.  Sometimes, having a close friend or loved one state that they’re going to march to the beat of a different drummer sets off fear and panic of losing that person.  Knowing that we like stability what is the best thing, whether conscious or unconscious that our well-intended friends do?  Simple, they find all the reasons why something won’t work and help bring that person back down to reality.  Being in sales my whole life, I have been effected by this greatly.  I could never understand why people who I always thought had my best interests in mind found ways to try and dampen my every thought and suggestion of bettering myself.  I knew they loved me and I knew they cared for me, so why would they seemingly not want the best for me?

That’s where the world of creative vs competitive comes in.  In the creative world, everything is possible.  Health, wealth, incredible relationships and abundance are both yours and mine for the taking.  There’s no limit to the joy, riches, happiness and love we can receive and experience.  The competitive world, on the other hand is a world based on scarcity.  This world is based on finite principles and if I get something, that means that there’s less for you.  This is the foundation of the scarcity mindset that is so prevalent in the world today. Think about all the discord and unhappiness out there.  Then, talk to some close friends and relatives and truly look at how many see the world and universe for that matter as something finite, as opposed to infinite.

A large part of this mindset is based upon our upbringing and background.  We hear the word “no” more than any other word in the vocabulary over the first 10 years of our lives.  Think about it for a moment, we hear no more than we hear the word “love”.  If you’re looking to build a world of uncertainty and doubt, use “no” as your foundation, instead of “love”.  I firmly believe that hearing no and having limits set on us paves the way for a life of broken dreams and shattered hopes.  Every time something good happens to someone else, there’s one less blessing or opportunity for us.  That’s been the prevalent mindset in this world for way too long and its simply untrue.

The Universe is endless and all encompassing.  There’s no competing for favor or special treatment.  There is more out there than we could ever imagine and its our duty to have the vision, drive and determination reap all the incredible riches that our lives are destined to receive.  Knowing this, its absolutely critical that you focus and creating and not competing.  The next time you find yourself getting caught up in concerns over money, goals or your dreams, remember – the Universe is endless and once you stop building your own barriers and limitations, you’ll reap all the rewards that the Universe has in store for you.

Forget competing and start creating.  Want more, be more, have more and may the Universe provide for you all the riches and glory you can imagine!

Master Key – Master Mind Alliance – Week 14 – The Mental Diet

The New Year is here and everyone is on a diet kick.  Atkins, South Beach, Master Cleanse, High Carb, Low Carb, Paleo…you name it and there is a diet out there for everyone.  There’s even a new show called “My diet is better than your diet”.  Crazy, huh?  To top it off, the US is one of the unhealthiest industrialized nations in the world and our health care costs far exceed our current style of life.  So many diets and they all have one thing in common.  Desperation.  People are desperate to look better and lose a few pounds.  We get crazy with eating foods we don’t enjoy because we think they’ll make us skinny and then we end up miserable and cranky because our diet didn’t work and we’ve eaten dry, bland unpalatable food with absolutely zero results.  We then get disgusted and binge and put on a few more pounds than when we started the diet in the first place!

What would your reaction be if I told you I have a diet that will not only help you get the body of your dreams but the life of your dreams as well?  I do and for those of you who read my last blog on fear and foolishness this diet will be the catalyst to remove the negative, life depleting energy that is holding us all back and it will be the guaranteed pivotal turning point in our lives.  That’s a pretty strong statement and I’ll guarantee it will happen, as long as you and I do what is expected.

Thought the course of our training, one thing has become crystal clear.  We all have the same amount of time in the day.  That’s right, 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  We all have the same amount of seconds in 2016 to make our lives something that we could only dream of.  This diet will take the dream out and turn it in to a reality.

In my last blog I spoke about fear and foolishness and how they had held me back and most likely, held some of you back as well.  These are normal responses and it’s not like we’re given a users manual on how to make the Universe work.  Human nature is what it is and through upbringing, schooling and the experiences in our lives, we’ve constructed some very neat and very tight boxes around ourselves, complete with limits, definitions of whats possible and excuses for when things go wrong.

It’s also human nature to put energy into the things we don’t want.  Thinking of such things as debt, bills, mortgages, poor relationships and jobs we don’t want can have absolutely massive negative effects on our current and future reality.  So far it all sounds a bit dire but what can we do to change it?

Let’s take a look at two givens that I just spoke of.  1) there are the same amount of hours in the day for each and every one of us; 2) we tend to get what we focus on.  The Mental Diet changes the game because it allows us to alter our perspective and stack the cards in our favor.  What exactly is the mental diet and how does it work?  In a nutshell, the Mental Diet is a process in which you consciously forbid any negative thoughts or opinions from entering your mind.  Sounds easy until you try  it, my first Mental Diet lasted about a millisecond before some negative thought took it’s grip.  What happens when you fall off the Mental Diet bandwagon?  Easy, you jump right back on.

For the first few days, just be conscious of how opinionated you are and how many negative thoughts creep into your mind.  Also, be aware of how many times you re-start the diet everyday.  The results will shock you.  I guarantee you that in your first few days alone, you’ll literally start and re-start the diet hundreds of times.  Why?  Because we’re human.  We’ve lived our entire lives forming opinions and having a point of view.  Most of us are more than willing to give our opinions, whether needed or not and most likely when we do, it’s not a good outcome.  We’ve also lived our entire lives to get to this exact moment in time.  We are who we are and where we are because of that fact.  Most likely, we’re also not living the lives of our dreams because of that very same fact!

What you’ll soon come to realize when you’re on the Mental Diet is that so much time in your day is spent on negative, unproductive thoughts.  This negativity is what helps you focus and put energy on your debt, bad relationships and the job you dislike.  By slowly focusing on and putting energy into positive, future based emotions and feelings your mind and thoughts will gradually start neutralizing the negative thoughts and eventually, your positive thoughts will outweigh your negative ones.

It’s at this point that things will start shifting in inexplicable ways and you’ll start having things fall your way.  The sun will shine differently on you.  Simple, inconsequential moments will suddenly appear out of nowhere and the same 24 hours that were mired in negative thoughts of debt and poor relationships will miraculously be replaced with  health, wealth, abundance and prosperity.

The Mental Diet isn’t a fad or something that you just do for a while.  This is a life changing mindset that will alter the course of your destiny forever.  Get on the Mental Diet, enjoy it, embrace it and may you have the most incredible 2016 ever!

Master Key – Master Mind Alliance – Week 13 – The Tip of the Iceberg

Well, I’m at the halfway point of this incredible, life changing experience and I’d like to share my thoughts on the experience up to this date.  The Master Keys and all of the training are only scratching the surface and I’ve already found myself slowing down.  The crazy thing is that I’m not slowing down because I’m not getting results, it’s exactly the opposite.

The further I dig into this training and deeper my understanding becomes, I am realizing that I am only scratching the surface.  Everything learned up to this point is only the tip of the iceberg.  There are so many wonderful events that have already, inexplicably happened in my life over the past 13 weeks, and yet, it’s a mere drop in the bucket.  The Universe is so incredibly abundant and overflowing with health, wealth and opportunity, it’s absolutely impossible to comprehend.

So then, why do I find myself slowing down?  Good question.  Although I don’t have the exact answer, I think my slowing down is due to two main culprits.  Fear and foolishness.  Lets take a closer look at each and maybe that will explain what’s been holding me, and possibly many of you from truly achieving the life of our dreams!

Fear.  There are many different definitions and acronyms surrounding fear but the list of the matter is that fear is something that prevents us from doing something we truly want to do, have or become.  The reasons behind the fear are never truly justified or explained but we’ve all been handicapped by fear at some time in our lives.  Whether its fear of public speaking, asking that ideal someone on a date, taking the plunge and having that perfect jobber any other literally thousands of opportunities that have come forth in our lives, fear will reign supreme if we don’t get a firm grip on it.

For me, I think my fear stems from the unknown.  It’s a combination of perceived comfort where I’m currently at and a protective mechanism preventing me from any heartbreak  of failure or “I told you so’s” from friends and family.  My life is actually pretty good right now and if I start risking things and really stretching myself, life can only get better.  However, with that stretching comes a downside risk of missing the mark and falling into that world of “good things only happen to other people” and “I guess that I just wasn’t meant to have everything I want”.  Both of these perspectives are incorrect and they are in fact the opposite of what the Universe wants for all of us.  The Universe is abundant and overflowing.  It wants us to live to our fullest and reap all that we can.  The problem arises when we put our own self-limiting beliefs and constraints on what our future can hold.

Foolishness, on the other hand is rationalized in a completely different way.  My foolishness stems from the fact that I have been having success and the Master Keys are actually working.  I have been experiencing some breakthroughs, so I can take my foot off the gas and cruise a bit.  This is a problem as well, because if I only scratched the tip of the iceberg so far, what would really happen if I applied 100% to this system and training and really accepted nothing less than inexplicable abundance?

It all boils down to my old blueprint.  I think that I’d lose who I am by being so successful and that with my new found success, I’d have a lot more riding on my shoulders.  Remember, to whom much is given, much is expected.  The compounding effects of fear and foolishness afflict the masses and stop so many from truly experiencing the lives of their dreams.  It saddens me to think of how much further humanity and this world could be if everyone lived up to their true potential, instead of being held back by fear and foolishness.

So, the question becomes…”How do I eliminate fear and foolishness from my life and let my true self become what I was destined to become?”  The answer?  You and I simply need to start doing things differently.  Fear and foolishness exist because we give them energy.  This energy is vital for them to exist.  It’s not easy to just forget or not think about stuff.  Quick, don’t think about a pink elephant.  What just went through your head?  I’m guessing it was a pink elephant.  That’s a parlor trick to some because pink elephants don’t exist.  Okay then, let’s get a bit more real.  Quick, don’t think about your debt, your bills, your mortgage, your poor relationship, the job you dislike and on and on and on.  I’ll bet that got your attention.  It hits a lot closer to home when it’s real life thats holding you back.  There’s a deeper sting when the fear and foolishness are ultra energized by “in your face” “these problems are real” reality.

There’s a ton of energy going into these very real fears and obstacles and there’s got to be a way out.  What is it and how do I make it happen?  Check out my next blog on the Mental Diet and this life changing diet will not only be a great way to start the New Year, it will positively change the way you and I live from this moment on.

Master Key – Master Mind Alliance – Week 12 -Bountiful gifts or a lump of coal?

The countdown to Christmas is well underway in our home and our nine year old daughter is leading the charge.  11 1/2 months of being sassy have been replaced with a few pockets of genuine sweetness and good behavior.  OMG, St. Nick is almost here.  Looks like it’s time to start behaving and crawling up to the upper echelon of Santa’s “Nice” list.  If she doesn’t, she knows that the presents will evaporate and she’ll be relegated to getting a lump of coal in her stocking.  Thankfully for my daughter, her Dad has an in with Santa and his elves, Elfie and Squirt, and I’m sure that somehow, no matter how sassy she’s been, that she’ll still be getting plenty of presents!

Ah, if only life was that easy for the rest of us.  Well, after spending 3 months working on myself and engaging in the teachings of the Master Key System, I’m beginning to realize that it is.  The Universe is a lot like Santa.  You ask for something and based on your behavior, you get what you asked for.  Pretty simple.  Now, the Universe isn’t quite as soft as I am, or for that matter most Santa’s, but the Universe does deliver what is asked of it.  The key to receiving is in the “ask.”

Unlike my daughter, you can’t misbehave for 11 1/2 months and still expect the Universe to deliver.  No, you need discipline.  You need to ask, believe with your soul in what you are asking for and constantly picture your life with the object of your life already delivered.  You can’t wait until the last minute to change your attitude and beliefs and think that something amazing will happen.  You need to live as your true self, eliminate negativity, give more than you get, receive the beauty all around you and most of all express gratitude for every breath you take.  Then, you need to live this way 24 x 7!  That’s right, 24 x 7.

You must not ever waver from this thought!  You must own your conscious mind and not allow it to let negative, self-defeating and self-limiting beliefs to ever enter into your mind.  Your “Watchman at the Gate” must be on guard every second of every day.  Once you fully understand and leverage power of your “Watchman”, you’ll notice that living in gratitude and constantly focusing on positive, healthy and loving energy, that all of a sudden, some of your wish list is coming true.  That’s not Santa in action, it’s the Universe.

We were born and came into existence to be the best we can be and live life on this earth to the fullest.  The Universe wants to grant our every wish.  Unfortunately, we lose focus and then beg in desperation.  This only creates more desperation and creates a downward spiral leading to sadness and despair.  We get caught up in our own self-pity and then hope, wish and pray when too much time has passed.  That’s just like the 11 1/2 months of sassy behavior from our daughter!

Focusing on the good and eliminating the bad opens new pathways in our mind and spirit that allow us to touch base with a higher level of consciousness.  Living each and every day in this elevated level impregnates our thoughts with love.  According to the Master Keys, thought impregnated with love becomes invincible.  This combination of thought and love for the irresistible force known as the Law of Attraction.  Once you fully understand and realize that your thoughts and the energy you put into your thoughts has a profound impact on your life, you’ll quickly take notice and start paying closer attention to your thoughts.

As Christmas nears and you see kids and shopping mall Santa’s adding life to this holiday season, step back and take a moment.  Enjoy that energy, love and excitement and remember, your Santa is available to you 24 x 7 x 365 everyday, for the rest of your life, just waiting to give you everything on your wish list!  May your holidays and life be filled with unimaginable love and abundance!!!

Master Key – Master Mind Alliance – Week 11 – The Compound Effect

This week has really impacted me, perhaps more than any week up to date.  The challenge has been to try to pinpoint exactly where the change has evolved from.  I’ve been wracking my brain trying to figure out exactly what I did, when I did it and how could I reproduce that exact behavior.

That’s when the bad news-good news reality took over and hit me square in the chops.  There wasn’t any exact “thing” that I did to create what happened.  No exact time or action.  Nope, this was the culmination of many small, separate activities that all combined together to form a large degree of momentum.  That is the “Compounding Effect”.

What exactly is compounding, anyways?  I’m sure you’ve heard it before but I, like so many never quite understood what it meant.  The easiest example I can think of is to relate my Master Key Master Mind journey to a penny.  You know, that little piece of copper that is frequently overlooked, so much so that most people will gladly have one fall out of their pocket and never even think of bending down to pick one up.  It’s only a penny after all, I mean, who cares, right?

Wrong.  The penny, similar to our teachings is just one piece of this amazing compounding effect that when properly manifested, will bring riches far greater than ever imagined.  During our first few months, we’ve been expanding our repertoire on a weekly basis.  We use post cards, colored pencils, pictures, shapes, voice recordings and several other modalities on a daily basis.  Any one of these, as an individual will have some effect, but nothing earth shattering.  Taking two, three, four or more and combining or compounding them will have far greater effect than one could ever imagine.

To come up with a tangible representation of what I’m talking about, let’s get back with that penny.  If  you can visually understand how a simple penny compounds into something incomprehensible, you’ll quickly catch on and realize how incredible compounding all of our learning will be for you and your future.  How then, do we visually understand the impact of the penny?  Simple.  Sit down and number a paper from 1 to 30.  These are the typical days in a month.  Now, take a penny and place it on day 1.  Everyday thereafter, simply double the amount, or compound the total until you get to day 30.  Day 1 – 1 cent, Day 2 – 2 cents, Day 3 – 4 cents, Day 4 – 8 cents, Day 5 – 16 cents, Day 6 – 32 cents, Day 7 – 64 cents.  Whew!  A week gone and all you’ve accumulated is 64 cents?  Time to find something new, right?

Not so fast.  Just like gathering pennies, the skills that we are building and developing take time to build and gain momentum.  You might not notice something in Week 1, 2, 3 or 4, but persist and the payoff will be huge.  Go on and figure out what the amount will be on Day 30 from the above exercise.  If you’ve never seen this before, it will blow your mind!  At the same time, think of the incredible future you are building and what incredible growth, opportunities and abundance await you, just around the corner.  If you do this, I can guarantee you two things: 1) you’ll never look at a penny the same way again 2) your life will change forever in the most incredible way.  Enjoy the exercise, enjoy the experience and most important, seize your destiny!